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About inBiome

inBiome is a young company focusing on a new generation of clinical diagnostics. We combine cutting-edge IT solutions with innovative chemistry to fully characterize human and product-related microbiota.

At inBiome, we developed a straightforward method to profile the bacterial microflora on all parts of the human body and we are discovering its connection to our health. Our proprietary technique, IS-pro™, enables us to reliably characterize complex communities of bacteria. The high level of standardisation of the entire process combined with a novel of internal control guarantees highly accurate results.

Our mission

inBiome strives to redefine clinical microbiology, guiding clinicians towards the future of microbial detection and characterization. We are committed to translating the latest advances on microbiome research into fast and standardized diagnostic assays to empower researchers and clinicians all around the world, today.

Our vision

inBiome is setting the standards of an entirely new approach to clinical microbiology. At inBiome, we envision a world in which all microbial pathogens, including those that are uncultivable or unknown, can be rapidly detected by their DNA. Ultimately, we aim to completely replace culture-based assays in clinical diagnostics. By characterizing all bacteria in human samples and not just restricting ourselves to focusing on known pathogens, we aim to offer a completely new means of clinical diagnostics;

Diagnostics in which we do not confine our efforts to identify specific bacteria as agents of disease, but in which we characterize all our bacterial partners to define health. This new approach in clinical microbiology will completely redefine the role of the microbiological laboratory in healthcare: from retrospective detection of pathogens which have already caused disease towards prospective monitoring of health to prevent diseases from occurring.

Technical team

Photo Dries Budding

Dries Budding, M.D PhD


Dries is co-founder and CEO of inBiome. He is interested in bringing new insights and technology to every day patient care. Dries has a background as a scientist, a medical doctor specialising in clinical microbiology and as an enterpreneur. This combination enables him to oversee the whole chain of medical innovation, from fundamental discovery in the lab to implementation in routine patient care.

Photo Matt Clancy

Matt Clancy


Matt heads all operational areas of our business and is currently focussing on the business development and scaling of our innovative company. Matt has a wealth of experience in transforming businesses and delivering innovative change, across international markets, through his 17 years in business consultancy across a variety of industry world-leaders.

Photo Martine Bos

Martine Bos

Research Manager

Martine joined InBiome in May 2019. She has broad experience in molecular microbiology, gained a.o. at the National Institutes of Health, USA, at Utrecht University and at the company Microbiome Ltd. She is interested in applying novel techniques towards developing faster diagnostics, as this will be the way forward to improve patient care. She acts as general research manager, always looking for new and interesting projects to collaborate on with other enthusiastic researchers.

Photo Linda Poort

Linda Poort

Senior Research Technician

I am working with the IS-pro™ method since 2008 and am employed by inBiome since May 2014. I like the work at inBiome because of the different projects and with this the challenge of visualizing data in the best way every time. With our team, we are responsible for customer contacts, we improve and maintain laboratory workflow including quality control, optimize protocols and introduce people to the IS-pro™ technique. Working with this small growing company is interesting because organizational decisions are constantly being taken. This allows the complete team to give input and by this improving our work on a constant basis. All together IS-pro™ offers a young and challenging work environment with many opportunities.

Photo Malieka van der Lugt-Degen

Malieka van der Lugt-Degen

Research Technician

In 2012 I graduated as a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Utrecht. While writing down my thesis, I performed research with the IS-pro™ technology. I started my career as a Research Technician, but over the years I performed a variety of tasks at different departments in the company. Seeing a small business growing and developing new products and introducing them on the market is very instructive. The good relations with colleagues, both at work and outside work, create a pleasant working atmosphere. Everyone is open to new ideas and initiatives, therefore we can achieve a higher level. In a nutshell, inBiome offers me a responsible, pleasurable and challenging place to work!

Photo Suzanne Jeleniewski

Suzanne Jeleniewski

Research Technician

Like Malieka, I have also done my education at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht and did my thesis project with IS-pro™. I have learned a lot during the project and it is great that I could continue working at inBiome as a Research Technician after my graduation, so that I can develop myself even more. I am working on the development and quality control of the IS-pro™ assay. What I like about working here is that the work is diverse and that there is room for personal initiative.  I also find it important to have a good working atmosphere, which is definitely the case at inBiome.

Photo Hanneke Karte

Hanneke Karte

Office Manager

Hanneke joined inBiome in September 2019 to assist the company in the general and supporting office activities. She is busy with financial and corporate administration, legal, sales and HR support. She is motivated to help build the organization in a way to ensure the other colleagues can fully focus on their responsibilities. She enjoys working for a small, yet growing business and being part of a team that is so dedicated. For now she works 2 days a week on Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday.


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