About the product

icTyping, or infection control typing, is a rapid digital bacterial typing technique for use in infection control. It is based on the distribution of common short sequence signatures throughout bacterial genomes and it has been designed and optimized to fit the needs of routine infection control in a hospital setting.


To successfully control and timely stop a disease outbreak, it is not enough to have diagnostic results after the event occurred. In fact, measures to prevent the spread of micro-organisms can only be effectively implemented when accurate and up-to-date information is available. With icTyping, strain-level typing of cultured isolates and placement of strains in outbreak clusters can be performed within hours.


As not every outbreak is caused by the same bacterial species, typing methods should be available for different bacterial species. Yet, most typing techniques are currently species-specific and no rapid broad-range technique is available. This issue is solved with icTyping, which is based on the distribution of common short sequence signatures throughout a bacterial genome and is thus universally applicable to any bacterial species. With icTyping, any bacterial species can be typed with the same laboratory procedures and analysis.


One of the major issues in bacterial strain typing has always been robustness and compatibility of typing data. Ideally, typing information should be identical whenever and wherever it is generated, but, because of problems with standardization, this goal has not been achieved yet for most techniques. To overcome such a limitation, icTyping is performed with a fully standardized and quality-controlled kit and all data is automatically analyzed by a secure centralized server, releasing results only once the data meets strict quality standards. With this approach, icTyping can provide fully compatible and reproducible typing data anywhere and anytime.