Molecular Culture Kit

Molecular Culture is the first diagnostic test that can detect the vast majority of bacterial species in a single assay. It has been optimized to provide accurate results on bacterial presence in precious invasively collected samples, such as cerebrospinal fluid, pus, and joint aspirates.

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IS-pro Microbiota

The IS-pro Microbiota can be used for allround detection of bacteria for research purposes only. This kit enables to accelerate the research process by providing fast and accurate answers and it can be used also with small sample sets.

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icTyping, or infection control typing, is a rapid digital bacterial typing technique for use in infection control. It is based on the distribution of common short sequence signatures throughout bacterial genomes and it has been designed and optimized to fit the needs of routine infection control in a hospital setting.

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Hands holding laboratory tools

inBiome is the preferred partner of various companies for performing quality control of buffers and water samples, as well as molecular-level quality control of probiotic and cosmetic products. At inBiome, we ensure not only that products are not contaminated, but also that the correct bacterial strains are present. Moreover, to enable customers to receive instant feedback,

inBiome provides a dynamic-online quality assurance log which is updated as soon as a new batch is processed. inBiome can perform contract research for external clients on a variety of topics and it can also provide guidance on how to translate scientific research into a viable clinical application. Please contact us for more information on our services or for quotes.

Examples of previous services rendered:

  • Bacterial monitoring service on a variety of fields (e.g. including waste water treatment, cosmetics)
  • Quality control service for several products (e.g. probiotics)