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Molecular Culture®

Improving healthcare through microbiome analysis.

Human microbiomes represent highly complex communities of microbes, including bacteria, fungi and viruses, and have a significant impact on many aspects of human health and diseases. These complex systems of bacteria within the human body hold promise to diagnose, predict and even treat health issues.

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Culture-based analyses fall short.

It is only by accurately analysing these complex microbiota communities that we can determine the make-up of an individual microbiome. Which is necessary to understand whether this information can be used to diagnose or even predict health issues or the effectiveness of microbiome-based therapies. Culture-based analyses have been used for decades and have contributed critical knowledge about the microbes inhabiting the human body.

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However, cultivation techniques are laborious, time-consuming, and quantitative microbiology of polymicrobial infection or complex ecosystems is challenging when trying to accurately assess the contribution of each organism to the microbial population structure. Moreover, many organisms cannot be cultured because the essential requirements for growth are not known.

The solution for complex microbiota analysis.

At inBiome we have developed Molecular Culture® Microbiota, a rapid microbiome analysis that provides unbiased profiling of complete, complex microbiota communities, without the need for a priori knowledge of its composition. It can be used for all-round detection of bacteria, from single species to complex communities alike.

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Suitable for all microbiomes.

Molecular Culture® Microbiota is already optimised to determine the composition of both gastrointestinal and vaginal bacterial communities. The analysis works across all microbiomes and has been the underlying technology used in several scientific papers. Further work is underway to optimise the technology for oral, respiratory and skin microbiomes.

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Easy workflow.

A fast and easy workflow enables research questions to be answered the same day. By eliminating the need for standardized DNA input and not relying on the complex workflows and bio-informatics pipelines of Whole Genome Sequencing, we have made microbiota analysis accessible to everybody, everyday.

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Suitable for small batches.

The user-friendly workflow and highly reproducible test results make Molecular Culture® Microbiota highly suitable for small batch analysis. This opens up the possibility to integrate microbiota analysis in fast workflows and as part of larger experiments. The high reproducibility guarantees that results from different runs are comparable.

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Molecular Culture® Technology.

The Molecular Culture Microbiota uses inbiome’s proprietary Molecular Culture® technology – a PCR-based profiling technique for high-throughput analysis of microbiota composition. Specifically, the Molecular Culture® technology is a length-dependent amplicon separation method that uses the 16S-23S interspace region within bacterial DNA to provide a semi-quantitative profile of all bacterial species present in a specific sample. This technique is capable of analysing more than 10.000 bacterial species simultaneously. Enabling unbiased profiling of the complete complex microbiota communities, without the need for a priori knowledge of its composition.

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Molecular Culture® has been optimized for analysis of the following complex microbiota sample types:







Respiratory Tract

Respiratory Tract



Animal Models

Animal models

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