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World’s fastest bacteriology lab opens its doors in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Wednesday April 13th, 2022

World’s fastest bacteriology lab opens its doors in Amsterdam

On Tuesday April 12th, inbiome opened the Molecular Culture Concept Lab at the Science Park in Amsterdam. The festive opening took place with a large number of (international) guests from the medical world.

By using the innovative Dutch “Molecular Culture” technology, the new laboratory can provide test results within 4 hours for all bacterial infections, even for bacterial species that could not be found with current tests. This is 20 times faster than traditional hospital laboratories, which use culture for these analyses. With this rapid diagnosis, doctors can start the right treatment much faster, so that patients recover faster, hospital stays shorten and the risk of medical complications is reduced. The Molecular Culture technology has been developed in collaboration with academic hospitals.

The Molecular Culture Concept Lab is built on a surface of only 30 m2 and is made entirely of glass, so that the innovative process can be shown completely transparently to guests from all over the world. Despite the small size of the laboratory, the processing capacity is large: 1000 samples per day can be analysed with only 2 laboratory technicians. By way of comparison: in a traditional culture lab, a lab technician processes around 50 samples per day.