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Research and Development.

Partnerships and services to drive innovation.

At inbiome research and development is at the heart of everything we do. With our team of microbiologists, biomedical scientists, bioinfomaticians and AI specialists we work on various cutting edge research projects. Closely partnering with universities and hospitals to explore promising new fields of bacterial diagnostics and microbiome related preventive and predictive healthcare.

Let’s shape the future together.

We are always open to discuss promising new research topics and see where we can help, either as a service provider or as a research partner. Additional to our R&D capabilities, our experience with guiding new applications from the R&D stage through clinical validations and regulatory approvals to commercial use in hospitals can add value in new product development trajectories.

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We offer microbiome analysis solutions and reporting services for better insights of microbial populations and their functions. Inbiome can help you analyse the human microbiome to measure differences between treatments and determine how a product interacts with the microbiome. We can support you in all requirements needed to demonstrate a product in the context of the microbiome. Make use of our experience and service packages to gain more insight into your research questions.

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