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About inbiome.

For rapid and complete insight.

Are you looking for a partner that combines machine learning with innovative chemistry to profile the bacterial microbiome in all parts of the human body? Molecular Culture®, our proprietary profiling technique, allows us to reliably characterize complex communities of bacteria. Detecting all bacterial DNA and converting it into unique barcodes. Subsequently our advanced AI platform uses these barcodes to identify all bacteria present within hours. Based on this technology, we develop products for rapid diagnosis of all bacterial infectious diseases and the analysis of complete bacterial microbiomes.

Pushing for preventive healthcare.

At inbiome, we develop innovative molecular technology that makes people live healthier and longer lives. We are working on a revolution in our field. Enabling accurate, complete, affordable and rapid detection of bacteria. Which makes more effective, efficient and even preventive healthcare possible.

We create an accelerated movement from ‘treatment before diagnosis’ via ‘diagnosis before treatment’ to ‘diagnosis before disease’. With radical progress as a result: correct treatments and minimization of unnecessary complications, costs and anti-microbial resistance.


We work with industry leaders across the medical, technology and biotechnology industries, as well as prestigious academic institutions, on both clinical and commercial research and product development.